Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hey, what do you know? It's 2009! We had a little party with the kids here last night. We drank too much pop and ate too many crackers and now we are all a little cranky today. I actually went to bed around 11pm! I guess I'm not that excited about the new year.

I've been a little bummed all week. For starters, my friend Jean died last Sunday. Her service was yesterday and was beautiful. Her sister sang a song that she had sung for Sam and Jean's wedding. I cannot believe that she was able to sing so pretty without breaking down. I could barely sing the hymns on the program. I'm gonna miss her.

I had a business meeting on Monday morning. My computer was acting up at the restaurant and so I was trying to listen and pay attention while quietly trying to fix it up. The unthinkable happened...I inadvertently wiped out EVERTHING. 1000's of pictures - gone. Files - gone. Phone numbers - gone. Email - gone. I nearly left in tears.

If I can retrieve my lost files, it will cost at least $300. This kind of thing really hacks me off. That is $300 that could have gone into my adoption fund, or used to pay down debt. I don't have that kind of money right now, so it will just have to wait. I'm using my 9 year old son's school computer for now.

I wish I had the Christmas photos to share with you. I got the sweetest gifts this year. I love it when I get something really thoughtful. It's much nicer than getting a obligatory trinket. I finally got a bathtub tray - the kind that fits across the tub to hold bath items and even a book and wineglass. The best thing, though, was a last minute find according to James. Thomas told him that he knew exactly what I wanted and made dad take him to Dillon's to show him. They have these great big glass jars there and he remembered that we talked about how much adoption fund money it could hold. The kids made a colorful little sign to go on it (I promise to get more pictures). I nearly cried when I opened it.

Ralph got his RSV shot Monday. It's interesting that last year my insurance company wanted me to pay a $500 co-pay for this shot. THIS year (2008), it is completely covered. I'm baffled. It makes me wonder what I'll be paying in 2009. We will soon find out.

What else will 2009 bring? We will welcome a new baby in March. Wesley graduates this year. James travels to Israel, sometime. Ralph will be walking soon.

Will he be hospitalized this year? Will his pulmonary hypertension improve? These are uncertain. But, we will keep on truckin'!

Happy New Year to you!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear there is a shot (vaccine?) for RSV and that Ralph got one. 3 children I follow online are very sick with it - well, one is near recovery.

I feel really bad about your lost files. Wish I could advise on that, but have nothing to offer.

I can't remember feeling like the last year was so bad before - like this week. I am looking forward to the New Year - with many visits between us! (er, our blogs - chkl.) Barbara