Monday, December 29, 2008

A couple of days before Christmas some friends dropped by. It was Sam and Jean! They had a box of 10 big plastic candy canes filled with chocolate kisses. One for each of us. She had a cute new haircut, I noticed. They only stayed to chat for a few minutes.

Sam and Jean are very special people. We go to the same church, but we didn't know them at all until they began showing up at our house with boxes of food every month last year after Ralphie was born. Each month would bring another visit and more steaks and other goodies.

Sam was a helper in Rose's Sunday school class at church. Jean was a public school special education teacher. She would bring me many bags of school supplies for the kids each Fall.

Together they were foster parents. Several sets of kids have come and gone over the past year and a half that we have known them. One time they took our older kids and their kids out for a night at the amusement center. Another time they took our younger kids and their kids to the zoo together. We had a barbecue at their house last summer.

We hosted a birthday party for their foster daughter at our house this Fall. At 14 years old, it was her first real birthday party! Jean and I and this girl went to a women's event at our church this Fall, as well. She was a very troubled girl, but they were not afraid of her. Jean just wanted her to know that someone loved her.

Sam and Jean have both had more than their fair share of health issues. I couldn't even count the number of times that Jean had to be taken to the ER. She almost always had a cheerful attitude though.

Jean suddenly passed away yesterday. We were all very shocked and don't even yet know what happened. I know Sam is going to miss her like crazy. My consolation is that she was a devoted follower of Christ and she shared my love for unwanted children. She taught me much about giving. We will miss her but are happy that she is now completely healed.


Anonymous said...

Your faith-filled response to death is inspiring.