Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ralph is doing quite well. I'm not as good.

I didn't realize how much sleep I missed over the weekend until it hit me on Tuesday. I still feel hungover today! I need a good 12 hours, uninterrupted, to unwind properly. One good thing about St. Francis - the macaroni and cheese is the best!

We got another package from Honeybaked Ham Co. today. Steaks! My husband's company gives out a voucher for a turkey, or a comparably priced item, from Honeybaked Ham to their employees as a holiday gift. Apparently some folks thought it would be a good idea to send in their voucher and have the turkey, or other item, to us! So far we have received a huge cheesecake, a turkey and now the steaks! What a nice bunch of folks, huh?

Today I'm signing Chipper up for String Fling. This is an orchestra festival in January that I attended when I was young. Things have really changed in the last 25 years. Did you know at his school they don't challenge for chairs anymore? For me, much of the incentive to practice was to challenge the person ahead of you for their chair. If you played better you get to move up one chair. Are these teachers trying to make wussies out of our kids?

Wesley and dad went hunting today. It was opening day of rifle season. I know that Wesley was hoping to fill up our poor freezer even more. Too bad they didn't see anything.