Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gold nuggets to share

I've been putting off posting for a couple of days now. I DO have stuff to share...I'm not sure why I'm not exited about sharing it. I guess maybe sitting in front of the Christmas tree this time of year makes me want to treasure some things up in my heart.

Here are a few of my treasures.

It has been so cold here. Single digits early in December is out of the ordinary. But, I'm so thankful to have a furnace and hot water. I've heard from some families traveling in Ukraine right now that many places have no heat and no hot water. Winter is not even technically here yet!

That makes me think of the precious orphan children in Eastern Europe that I've been praying for. Are they suffering from the cold? On top of malnutrition and lonliness? It is enough to bring me to tears and to my knees. I feel so small and helpless. Only God can make these things right, so I go to him.

On a happier note, I feel so privileged to have introduced a new friend to Reece's Rainbow last month. She did not know that this Down Syndrome Orphan ministry even existed. Now her and her husband are planning to adopt a little girl from Eastern Europe. Wow! I'm so humbled that God would use me this way to rescue one of his little children.

I was hopeful that I could announce that we would be pursuing the adoption of a child with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe this year. It is quite obvious to me that God is leading me down this road. The whole idea of adoption is a picture of God's love for us. A more perfect kind of love. If you really want to know how I feel about this read the Reece's Rainbow blog post on redemption here.

God has other plans for me this year it seems. While I've been pining away for a child on the other side of the world He has been creating new life in me! James and I are expecting a new baby in March. I've been treasuring this secret for awhile. We are led to believe that this baby is a girl! Rose is quite excited as she has prayed for a little sister for some time now.

This time last year Ralph was in the hospital with pneumonia and we were bidding the year 2007 good riddance! This year has come and gone like lightning. There were some scary hard times, and I've learned a lot, much like the year before. I'm looking forward to 2009 as a new challenge, another mountain to climb. Oh my...I better quit this. I really need some sleep!!!


Christine said...

Thanks for the link. It was great to read.

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

Very funny, anon! Love your beautiful family, Christine!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAYYYYYY Your comments work again! Congrats on your pregnancy! I am THRILLED for you!

Meredith said...

I'm sorry to be late on this one, I read your announcement on RR and I am so excited for you! I've not had time to reply on RR much and was away this week, but WOW! How exciting! Can't wait to see this little ??girl?? that God has for your family :)

The Ingram's said...

WOW! Congrats Stephanie! I'm excited for you. Have a very Merry Christmas.