Sunday, December 21, 2008

Problems? Not me.

My attitude is nearly completely adjusted thanks to Christine. I live an incredibly comfortable life. Maybe that has been part of my problem.

It is very easy where I live to forget about the kind of suffering that exists in the world. I have to face it, and look at it, and let it change me. I have to do more for God's children and less for my selfish self.

I can easily become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems in the world. I could easily do nothing because I wouldn't be able to make a difference. But it is not my job to save the world, is it? That has already been arranged. It is my job to love God and love His people and do what is right.

Do you need an attitude adjustment as much as I did? Then pop on over to Christine's blog and check out the video of Sam and Esther. (If I could figure out how to post it here I would.) It may change more than your attitude.