Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'll take a little cheese with my whine.

I'm having problems. It feels like someone powerful is opposing me. I can't get anything done. Does that mean I'm doing something right? Or something wrong?

I just wanted to make a quick shopping trip yesterday. I promised Rose a trip to the dollar store a few weeks ago when she go some tooth fairy money. So my plan was to go when she got home from school at 4pm.

But, Chipper got done with wrestling practice at 4:30. So now the plan was to pick up Chipper and take him to the dollar store with us and then come home.

But, Chipper had a camp out this weekend. He needed to be packed and up to the church by 5:30. So now we had to go home so that Chipper could pack quickly and we would take him to the church and then go to the dollar store.

We get to the church at 5:30. No one else is there. So we wait. And wait. People start to show up around 6. All the time we are waiting, Rose is in the back seat asking me when we are going to go to the dollar store.

As Chipper got his gear out of the car I suddenly thought to ask him if he packed his medication. No? No. I don't have time to run home and back before they leave. Chipper borrowed a cell phone to call dad at home.

If you know Chipper, you will know that I should have called myself. For some reason he gave me the impression that I needed to go home and get the medicine, so I went. When I got home, dad was gone. He HAD brought the meds up to the church. I. Give. Up.

I give up. It is now 6:30, I still have to cook supper. I told Rose we would go in the morning. She was fine with this because grandma Connie was having the little kids over to her house last night.

We did go to the dollar store today! Rose had $1 to spend and it was a very hard decision to make. I was going to run by the grocery store, but ran out of time. Surprise, surprise.

Oh, while I'm complaining...Ralph is so attracted to my computer that he keeps ripping keys off. The "o" the "c" and the "2" and really messed up. I put them back on, but they are all crooked and don't work right. Grrrrr. I suppose I'll have to take it in for repair, $$$.

Also, I have carpal tunnel syndrome ONLY when I am pregnant. I'm going a little nuts that I can't feel my hands most of the time. Three more months of this seems like forever.

The doorknob fell off the front door.

OK, I'm done.