Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just in Time for Christmas - Dark Knight for Christian Parents

The movie The Dark Knight came out on DVD this week. My dear friend Eileen, a gifted writer and literature teacher, has written an essay about the movie that she wishes to get into the hands of as many Christian parents as possible.

If you have teenage children, chances are they have either seen the movie or bugged you to let them see it! Would you be surprised to hear that the Gospel message is contained in this dark movie? Read what Eileen has to say, discuss the movie with your children and decide for yourself. Here are excerpts of a note that I received from her today:

Just a note to let you know that I have posted my essay (tome?) about The Dark
Knight on my blog at
It is entitled, “Neopaganism Meets Christianity in The Dark Knight” and concerns
what I perceive as the Christian allegory underlying the movie. The essay
ended up being quite long, so I have entered it in my blog in five blocks:

Part I: What Hath Ledger Wrought?

Part II: The Protagonists

Part III: The Antagonists

Part IV: Man

Part V: Bibliography

In Him,

Eileen/Mom/Mrs. C.

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