Thursday, December 4, 2008

More turkey!

We got two more turkeys today! One is from a mystery friend and one is the one we ordered for ourselves. Yikes! The freezer is full! We should invite some friends over for a turkey feast.

Ralph had a follow-up appointment today. His lungs sound perfectly clear, isn't that great? The thimerasol-free flu vaccine shipment arrived this week so Ralph got his flu shot today. He's been on a waiting list for the mercury-free version.

Can you believe that the mercury-free stuff is not widely available for babies and children? If you don't know to ask, you would never know what your child is getting. Of course, I had to sign an insurance waiver. This is so the doc's office can charge me $60 if my insurance company declines to pay. Whatever.

Since Ralph has been sucking up more oxygen than usual, we had to go to the home health office to pick up some extra tanks this afternoon. Some of you know how I feel about this screwy outfit. Every time I deal with them I ask myself why I haven't yet switched to another company. Today was no exception.

I called this morning to make sure I could pick up 10 tanks. They recommended that I come to their downtown office, since it was closer to me. I told them I would be there at 2pm. I got there at 2pm. No tanks. Apparently someone had to go pick them up at another location and she wasn't back yet. We (me, Wes, Thomas, Leroy and Ralph) waited for 40 minutes for her to show up. Since I had to be home before 4pm to get kids off the bus and get Wesley to work on time, I didn't get to finish all my errands. I didn't have a choice of whether to wait for the tanks or not - we were out at home.
This is the same company that called me last month here in Kansas because they had an order to deliver tanks to me in Tulsa. Oh, they also thought my name was Connie. This is the same company that can't figure out how to file an insurance claim from the information listed on my insurance card. Somehow the hospital and doc's office can. I don't know how many times I've called them trying to get them to file a claim. Then they had the nerve to send our bill out for collection! That's been taken care of, but we still get an automated phone call from them EVERY day.

I haven't posted many pictures lately. My son, Richard, has been hogging his camera! Here are a couple of cute ones:


Anonymous said...

I am astounded at how 'healthcare' is often left to clerks/workers who have no clue or incentive to perform correctly, or their supervisors, or the people who profit from the 'healthcare' business. I have several posts on problems like this, the most recent title begins with "The System is...." Barbara