Monday, December 1, 2008

An hour? What a joke!

So, Dr. K said we'd be ready to go in an hour. She wrote instructions in Ralph's progress notes to discharge him. Then the attending physician writes the discharge orders. Then we get to leave. Right?


God bless the persistent nurses who kept reminding him, and reminding him, and reminding him that we were still waiting for discharge papers and prescriptions. Have you ever met someone who was a little too focused? Someone who couldn't multi-task to save their life? Men!

Mental note to self: residents begin a new rotation on December 1st. Attending Dr. may be preoccupied. Be prepared for dumb questions and long waits.

By the way, Ralph's cultures came back positive for para-influenza virus, AKA croup!

So we got home at 4pm. Four hours later than I had expected. It's OK. We are here, life is good.

I managed to clean up the front room and rearrange some furniture so we have room for our Christmas tree. The carpet is appalling! I'll rent a carpet cleaner later in the week. If that doesn't help, I may be in the market for an area rug. I am re-instituting the "remove your shoes and wash your hands" rule upon entering the house. Don't forget it! Can't be too careful, can you?

Thanks for all the prayers! Ralph is not 100%, so don't stop now.


Anonymous said...

You the Mom! Most of the day at the hospital, housekeeping, and renewing house rules, too!
Prayers continuing.