Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy weekend

Time is just whizzing by! I don't want off the ride, but I might enjoy it more if it wasn't going so fast.

James and I had a date of convenience Friday night. This is how it went - Wesley needed a ride up to Hillsboro for a banquet with a friend. It's too far to make two trips in one night so we told Richard that he was babysitting, then James and I set out to deliver Wesley and we made a date out of it! There is a nice little Mexican restaurant in this little town and not much else, unless you consider Wendy's or Sonic date-worthy. We had a nice dinner. It wasn't like the mouthwatering food we had in Arizona, but not bad for the mid-west. Then we closed down the local Alco. I guess you could say we "did" the town!

Saturday was interesting. My sweet friend Mary offered to babysit my children, all of them-even Ralph, all day long - 11:30am - 7pm!! She did this for several families that day as a Christmas gift. My only dilemma was whether to go home and sleep all day or go Christmas shopping. So what do you think I did? Shopping of course!

I had a long list of errands, tasks and gifts to buy. James and I went together and knocked off a good portion of my list! It's pretty incredible for me to spend any time with him at all much less two days in a row. We wasted a lot of time browsing and thinking and revising our gift ideas for the kids. It was a good time.

Sunday was also a busy day. After church I had furniture to move and vacuuming to do. You see, we promised the kids that we would for sure put up the Christmas tree today. Quite a project. Many of my ornaments are things that the kids have made over the years. Some are ready for the dumpster! The sequins are gone, the popsicle sticks have come unglued and such. The only really nice ornaments are from my quilting group's Christmas party ornament exchange! This year's party is next week - not to be missed!

Isn't this young man getting to be rather tall?

Ralph was an angel the entire time! I was worried that he would be messing around with the tree a lot. He hasn't even touched it in the past two days! Leroy on the other hand...

Big kids helped little ones spread the ornaments out nicely. I put on the hooks!

All done! By the way, how to you keep shirts on your young boys? I am forever requesting that they please put on a shirt! Now everyone was ready to watch the movie Prince Caspian. A fun way to end a busy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I like the way Ralph looks standing in his toy.

Beautiful family!

What did you think of the movie?


Stephanie said...

Ha! I have a difficult time sitting through a movie, so I missed some parts. I liked the story, but I've not read the book so I was wondering about some parts. I had to ask Richard if Susan really had a crush on Caspian in the book.