Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The pink clothes are still pink! I don't have time to deal with them today, so they soak.

The dryer on the other hand...is fixed! I think. I went to the Appliance Guru (very highly recommended!!) and got my grubby little hands on a service manual for my dryer. First I took the top off. Then I removed the control panel. Then I removed the front cover. Finally I removed the bulkhead (whatever that is). Can you just see me tearing my dryer apart!

Apparently the pen that went down the lint filter was lodged in the blower and that is what was making the awful noise. I took a few minutes to vacuum out the inside of the machine before putting it back together. Very disgusting.

One problem...I had to unplug some wires to take off the front cover. I didn't pay attention to which way to plug it back in. Oops. Now I'm afraid to turn it on. I think the wires were just for some interior lighting. But if I fry the control panel board I'm looking at big bucks! What do I do now?


Anonymous said...

You the Woman! Taking apart that machine!

Are you sure the wire stuff isn't in the manual, too? Usually that stuff is color-coded. On a side-note - please don't start wearing your pants low in the back.

I will give you glorious thanks in my post tomorrow for the award you gave me.