Thursday, January 15, 2009

Water therapy

Water therapy was the last place I wanted to go this morning!! It was about 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside this morning, but I sucked it up and went out anyway. Ralph was in his snowsuit so no worries there. He has not been in the pool since October. Today he was more about socializing with the other children, parents and therapists than working on walking skills. I have a social butterfly on my hands!

We do a group activity consisting of front and back swishes, front and back kicks, sitting dives and jumping off of the side. Ralph really likes the jumping in, although he can't really jump yet! Then we move to our usual spot on the underwater bench to practice walking. Today splashing and waving was a success. Walking...not so much.

Richy, Chipper, Jordan and Rose had dentist appointments this afternoon. Jordan has some enamel defects on 3 of his adult teeth. This was apparently caused by some illness as a toddler and will require lots of work to fix. Thinking back, I remember he had RSV at 18 months. He didn't appear to be ill except for a fever and had a series of febrile seizures. I had completely forgotten.

I'm hoping to hear about my computer tomorrow. I'm so nervous. I just can't lose all my pictures!