Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Progress and Pink Hair

After only 4-5 days of focusing on walking skills, I'm already seeing progress with Ralph. We work on keeping Ralph playing on his feet by putting toys on side tables, the couch or piano bench. I have him stand leaning against the couch and encourage him to walk to mommy to get the toy I'm holding. He just seems to be more solid on his feet.

Although, today it seems that Ralph is a rubber chicken! One day he is solid as a rock and the next day he's like jello. Tomorrow is another day, I guess. AND...tomorrow is water therapy day!! We've missed the last few water therapy days so it will be a treat to get back in the pool again. Ralph generally works on walking on one of the underwater benches where an adult would sit. It is the perfect depth for him to walk on, and I can set his oxygen tank on the poolside bench right above us. I'll let you know how it goes.

I THINK I have found a new oxygen supplier! I hope the pediatrician's office is not getting mad at me...this will be the third set of orders they have faxed out for me this week! I was trying to understand why the 2nd company wouldn't take us as customers, even though they were in my insurance network. I was so frustrated that I asked the lady on the phone if I could speak to her boss. When she placed me on hold, it hit me! I'm frustrated and fighting with these folks I really want to do business with them? NO. So I hung up.

Anyway, the guy in charge at the new company (#3!) wants to get a pediatric concentrator for Ralph so I won't have scads of tanks sitting by my front door any more! It's always fun when Ralph knocks these things over. I have a cracked tile now! I didn't know there was such a thing as a pediatric concentrator. Really! How on earth am I supposed to know what to ask for and what is available?

On a whim I decided to go to quilting at church this morning. Rose and Leroy would have fun in the nursery and I could catch up with my friends and put in some stitches on the quilt we will donate to MCC. I got to drive Wesley's suburban since the tires on the van are not yet replaced. The steering wheel has a sloppy feel to it. If I'm not real careful, it looks like I'm driving drunk, swerving back and forth!

As we walked up to the front doors of the church I saw the hearse! Oh no, not another funeral! We've had 4 or 5 since Christmas. No one that I knew this time, by the way. The quilting room is separated from the sanctuary (auditorium, really) by a folding wall. We were all trying not to talk loud or laugh while we worked. Kind of tough!

Apparently, the woman who passed away had cancer. Breast cancer I'm assuming because she had a hot pink wig on. Yes, open casket, hot pink wig! The sweetest thing was that many, many of the women who attended the service also wore hot pink wigs of different styles. There were also a group of older order Mennonites in attendance...the ladies wear distinctive head coverings. I couldn't help but wonder what they thought of the pink hair! All in all, a very diverse group.


Christine said...

How sad. At 33, I am beginning to think of having a mammogram just ot be on the safe side.

Stephanie said...

I've read that breast tissue is very sensitive to radiation and the compression is not beneficial either. So, I'll be opting for an ultrasound or thermography when the time comes. Yes, quite sad.

Anonymous said...

Another great post full of good news! Er, until you got to the you have a writing protocol? Kidding.

LOVED reading about Ralph's improvements in walking. Love work in a pool, too. Kind of an elite availability. He is blessed.

And just so I do not have to sign-in again to the post on top of this one - looking forward to it.