Monday, January 26, 2009

Random stuff.

I've been so lazy lately! I get caught up in reading my favorite blogs and then I'm either too tired to write anymore or my life just doesn't seem interesting enough to share! I'm also sad that I can't share any pictures until I get my computer back. No, no news on the computer yet.

It is nice to be boring. No emergency trips to the hospital. No puke stories to share, thank goodness! Just life.

Ralph is more solid on his feet than ever. He is still reluctant to take steps with a firm handhold. His PT is really intent on getting him walking. Part of me agrees...but another part of me is thinking that in 10 years who is going to care if he walked at 20 months or 24 month? Ya know?

Ralph's speech, or lack of, is really starting to get me down. Signing is going great, but I'm really hoping to hear some words soon. His receptive language is great and he can follow simple directions. He can communicate what he wants as far as food, drink, bedtime and such through signs. He even learned to sign "thank you" over the weekend. But, I've always said that what I want most for him is impeccably clear speech. Frustrating.

I gotta plan a garden. Soon. No idea where to start.

I was trying to think of an excuse to snag a trip to Kansas City today. I really LOVE Kansas City! A few minutes later the phone rang. It was Children's Mercy Hospital. They were calling to schedule an appointment for Ralph at the DS clinic. How funny! I got my excuse! Well...sorta. His appointment is in MAY?! Not sure I can wait that long. Besides, I'll have a new baby then, God willing. I'm not sure I can see myself hanging at the hospital all day with a baby and a 2 year old. I get exhausted just thinking about it!

The new baby (girl?) is due in mid-March, which is coming up fast! I'm starting to feel really big and sort of uncomfortable. The worst thing, by far, is my hands. I have carpal tunnel syndrome when I'm pregnant...usually only bothering me at night. This time I have tingly, prickly fingers all day long and dead arms at night. I'd be interested to know of anyone else in the world who has dealt with this!

It should be a fun week here. Dad is back to travelling regularly again and I've got 3 kids with doctor appointments tomorrow and 1 with his first wrestling tournament. Oh yeah, we are having an ice storm tonight. Thursday is dentists and water therapy AND my birthday. On Friday there is a fiesta night at church. A mission group that has been working regularly at an orphanage in Mexico will be sharing testimonies and pictures. Can't miss that!


Anonymous said...

Fiesta! Now that is something I know about! Usually not done in the snow, however. Ahem.

Boring you are not. (Re-read last paragraph.) Happy Birthday again! - Er, I wished you in my last comment, too.

Carpal tunnel syndrome - some things to try...stretches - Ralph's PT should be willing to show you some. I mean, it could be related to carrying him, eh? I think the primary cause is fluid retention. Maybe less salt? Is your OB any help on that?

Thinking of you...

Stephanie said...

I can only carry him for short periods of time or I lose feeling in my whole hand. That's when it is nice to have a teenager around!

It's really unavoidable, for the most part, as blood volume is higher. It goes away quite soon after birth!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo for teenagers who help!

'Dead arms' in the morning is more like thoracic outlet syndrome - resolved with stretching. Ah, well, at least you know it go away. Barbara

Leslie said...

Life is sounding good - and I totally agree that boring can be a real blessing sometimes.

I'm sorry about the carpal tunnel. I have no advice, but hopefully you'll find something that helps. I understand painful hands though - I struggle with arthritis as a result of my pregnancies. (((Stephanie)))

Have fun at the fiesta!