Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ralph had his Rainbows teacher and his PT at the house on Friday morning. It has been nearly a month since they've seen him. He really should be walking by now, but he is just not getting it. He IS strong enough. It is time to get tough. He really does prefer to spend time putting pegs in a board over time spent being forced to walk!

Ralph is growing out of his shoes. Now I'm trying to decide between wearing shoes more often or not. My theory has always been that going barefoot helps babies/children develop strong arches. But, he might benefit from some more stability right now.

Daddy and I walked him down the hallway at church today. He thought that was pretty fantastic. We need to do some more of this for certain.

Sunday school went well for Ralph today. There are a couple of children (girls!) in the class that like to cry the whole time. He just looks at them like they are from outer space! I didn't go to class with him today, but I like to peek in the little window from time to time. Somehow I always get busted! How does he know that I'm there, anyway?

The first Down Syndrome Society meeting of the year was yesterday morning. I normally take Leroy, Rose, Jordan and Thomas. They enjoy playing with the kids in the nursery. But, yesterday the little ones didn't get dressed after breakfast like I had asked so only Thomas got to go. Oh the tears! It was the end of the world.

I'm working hard on first time obedience with them. Our mantra is - Cheerfully, the first time, every time! We will all be much happier if we can remember this. I won't be repeating myself and they will have more privileges. Win-win? Ralph is at the age where he is carefully watching his older brothers and sister and modeling his behavior after them. I think it is critical to have good role models.

My computer is out being fixed this week. At least I hope the files and photos can be retrieved. I haven't yet heard anything from the talented young man who is working on it. I guess that is good news? I can't wait to post some more pictures. I've tried to upload some photos from my son's computer but I keep getting error messages. Soon.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sounds like he will be off and running in no time! I always get caught when I check in on Keeghan at church too! LOL I think they are just wired to know when we're around! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I would miss my computer more than my dryer. My sympathy.

I LIKE the natural consequences parenting - no ready, no go. Here's the tissues. chkl.

I think Ralph seeing you in the window says his vision is pretty good.

You do get email, right? Cause I sent you a message. Barbara