Thursday, October 9, 2008

Babies with Down Syndrome

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who said she thinks that babies with Down Syndrome are the cutest babies of all! I think that she is right. We both have children with DS, so I guess we are not completely objective.

Ok, this is an old picture, but one of my faves. Go on, tell me this kid isn't a beauty. I love his sweet almond shaped eyes. His eyes are a deep brown so he does not have any Brushfield spots like the girl in this picture. Brushfield spots are white flecks around the iris and are a physical characteristic of DS.

Another physical trait associated with DS is a nuchal fold, a thicker than usual area of skin and fatty tissue on the back of the neck. Ralph has this and it is the sweetest, yummiest place to nibble and kiss. I love it.

For more terms and definitions check out Kimberlee Kadar-Kallen's article here. According to Kimberlee, "it has been discovered that cuteness is located on the 21 st chromosome." Amen.


mandie said...

I love the musics on your webpage! Well done and all the best,