Saturday, October 18, 2008


The weather has been so nice lately that the kids play outside all day long. I call them in for lunch and I call them in for dinner and I call them in for bedtime. They come in smelling like fresh dirt! Perfect for deer hunting, not so good for clean bedsheets!

We did the assembly line bedtime bath tonight. First Rose gets in and we wash her hair. Then I put Leroy in and go check on Ralph. Rose gets out, Jordan gets in. I wash Leroy's hair and then check on baby again, he is in his highchair in the kitchen with Thomas. Transfer Ralph to the bathroom in a locked baby walker. He is getting excited because he knows he's going to get in, too!

While Jordan washes his hair, I blow-dry Rose so she doesn't look fuzzy in the morning. Leroy gets out and Thomas gets in. We add warm water to the chilly bath water. Thomas washes his hair while I get the other two into PJ's. Now it is Ralph's turn!

It's his first bath with brothers! The three boys play with squirty ducks that they got at the buddy walk. I wash Ralph's hair and let him play awhile longer. He is the next one out, because he is getting crazy and won't sit still. Jordan gets out next. Thomas is out last and gets to clean up the toys and washcloths.

I'm beat by now! But, I make some old-fashioned pop-it-in-the-pan popcorn and send them off to bed. I've got all the laundry done, so dressing for church in the morning should be a snap, right?