Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Victimized" by a RAK

Today I was shopping for jeans for Rose. She really only wants to wear dresses to school, but today she has a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I think a dress would not be appropriate. Plus, it is starting to get very chilly here and she will need pants soon anyway.

First stop, Goodwill. It is the closest place to shop for clothes anyway. The pant were really picked over, nothing in a size 7 or 6x. We did find some cute overalls with ribbons and embroidery on them. They were a bit big, but only $1.99 so we bought two pair.

OK, now it is 11:20 and the bus comes at 12:30. We still don't have jeans. Next stop, Target. We found the cutest boot-cut jeans in a 6x and they fit perfectly! I grabbed a long sleeve top also and we headed for the checkout.

The lady in front of us was buying 7 plastic pumpkin buckets and a boatload of candy. Rose and Leroy (yeah I took him with us, too) started going bonkers! "When are we going to buy Halloween candy? Are you going to make us give out our parade candy?"

"No, I was just joking about that!" The kids got so much candy from the Fall Festival parade last Saturday that I told them we had enough to give out on Halloween.

The lady in front of us quickly handed me a Target gift card and said, "God bless." Then she disappeared. (not literally) So, was it my kids begging for candy or was it that I looked like I slept under a bridge. I wasn't planning to go anywhere today, so no makeup or anything? Or, was I simply the victim of a "random act of kindness?" $30! hmmmm.

By the way, today Ralph discovered the joys of playing under the table! He dragged my shoes with him. How fun! I should pin a swiffer cloth to his butt!