Monday, October 27, 2008


She was born the day that Ralph was airlifted to Children's Mercy Hospital. She was Ralph's roommate for a while in the ECMO room. She was a little small, born a little early. She was a beauty.

I was certain that she would be going home well before we could even consider taking Ralph home. She did not appear to be nearly as sick. I was wrong. I'm not used to being wrong, but I have been dropped in a world that no longer makes sense all the time. A world where logic and knowledge sometimes fail.

God never fails.

Today it has been one year since Liberty went to live with her Heavenly Father. Here is a video made in her memory -


Kelly Turner said...

Thank you SO much! This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for remembering Libby!!! We love you guys and miss you! Looks like Mr. Ralph is doing great - he is SO cute and is getting big these days! :) Give him hugs and smooches for us! God bless you all!

Brett, Kelly, Aspen, Cheyenne and Angel baby Libby