Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Special Exposure Wednesday

Ralph got a present this morning. His PT and the kids worked hard to get it ready.YAY!! Ralph has a new trike!
Check out these modifications...that is a lot of foam!
Now we can take walks together.

Grow, Ralph grow! Then we can remove some blocks.


Frogs' mom said...

Cool new wheels! He's going to have lots of fun with that :0)

gail said...

that is so cool! great toy, great therapy!

we are hoping to get a bike our boy can ride. can't wait to go biking together.

narretto said...

could you please let me know what you are using to keep his feet on the pedals. My son has the same type of contraption with the blocks and thick velcro to keep his feet on, but he can pull out of the velcro.