Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OK, so I missed Sunday and Monday and I've messed up the 31 for 21 challenge. I'm just going to start fresh today and press on just like I do in real life!

Some odds and ends today...

Ralph is doing well on 1/4 liter of oxygen. He visits the cardiologist Friday, so I hope to know for sure then.

Richard does not need a cast for his stress fractures. In fact, he is beginning to put a tiny bit of weight on his bad leg while still on crutches. YAY!

Sometimes Leroy is so bright and funny. Today we went shopping at Lowe's. When we parked, he asked me if this place was the "hard work Walmart." I love the way he makes sense of the world!

Don't forget about Oleg! His fundraiser ends next week and I'm giving away such a nice prize. Oleg really needs a family to find him quickly and his grant fund will be a great incentive.