Friday, October 31, 2008


It was quite a day here! Jordan had a field trip today, so we had to pack a sack lunch before the bus came. This kid is a snail. On a regular day it is a struggle to get to the bus on time. He also had a class party this afternoon, so the costume had to be sent to school in a bag. Last night he was not happy with his costume shirt, so I was worried that he might freak out on me this morning. Nope, he was very easy to get along with this morning and made the bus on time. Whew!

Next, I had to finish Rose's dress for her class party. Thank goodness that she goes in the afternoon. I still needed to hem the dress and I have never hemmed anything! It took me two hours and it doesn't look pretty, but it got done just in time to pack up for afternoon Kdg.

After she got on the bus I scrambled to get out of the house and do some last minute errands. We started at Goodwill. Wesley works there and was invited to a luncheon since that store won the store of the year award, or something. While he was eating, Ralph, Leroy, Thomas and I shopped. We found a shiny metallic tank top that looks like chainmail - great for playing dress-up. I also found a ladies size 4 suit coat that was perfect for Thomas' costume.

Next we hit the Walmart for drinking water and to look for a costume for Leroy. We found a couple of costumes for about $20, way too much. I wanted some vampire teeth, but they only had packs of 20. 20 vampire teeth?? Everything was picked over so I grabbed some pirate tattoos and the water and we left.

Next stop, Dillons. I love this place, mainly because they double coupons and mark down meat and produce. I also saw a cute costume the other day, but I didn't buy it because it was one of those shopping trips where I bought diapers, wipes and dog food. High dollar items! I left Wesley in the van with the baby, and Thomas. Leroy and I ran into the store on the off chance that the costume was still there. It was! Cheaper than the stuff at Walmart AND, 33% off!! We grabbed a couple of bags of candy just in case some kids knocked on our door tonight. The funny thing is that Leroy's costume fit him, but not the hat. I was perfect for Ralph, though!
Next we take Wesley for a haircut. He pays for his own haircuts now so he can choose where to go. I wait with Leroy, Thomas, and Ralph, who is getting really tired by now. Me, too. It is now 2:30pm and I need to get to the school to help Rose get into her dress. I promised.

We head for home after this. The traffic is heavy, very heavy. Of course, it is party day at the K-5 schools. Our whole little town is jam packed full of the cars of moms helping with Fall parties. I considered riding my bike up to the school, but I'm late. I'm late enough that the traffic had died down after I drop the kids off at home and get the baby down for his nap. Lucky me, my mother-in-law lives next door to the school so I park in her driveway. Otherwise I would have to walk 1/2 mile to find a parking space. Whew!

I brought Jordan and Rose home myself after the parties so they didn't have to take off their costumes for the bus ride. Rules. When we got home it was time to carve pumpkins. I delegated this to dad this year. He is normally out of town on Halloween, so it was great to have him around today. I broke out my old make-up kit and had a little fun with Thomas after the pumpkins were done.

By the time we ate a little dinner it was time for candy gathering. Dad and I took the four little kids, Thomas, Jordan, Leroy and Rose. Richard and Chipper stayed home with Ralph to hand out candy. Wesley had a date, so he wasn't around. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

What do you think of my pirates, Jack and Will? How about my cowboy and pioneer girl? Whew! I'm ready for bed.


CrackerJacks said...

Awesome costumes! The pirates turned out great!

lonestar818 said...

What cute costumes, they look great!