Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bagels & a little laugh!

I finally found something that Ralph will feed himself! Lately, every bite size piece of food I give him goes flying. The dog appreciates this very much!

Got a piece stuck in my tooth!

Got one over here, too!


Frogs' mom said...

Love bagels for little ones. They are great frozen for teething too!

Frog throws, tosses, drops a lot of food too. We don't currently have a dog, but we've named the robotic vacuum Zack and adopted it as our pet :0)

Tena said...

Cutie pie!

Haasiegirl said...

ha~! he eats more then my charlotte any day


Rachelle said...

Very cute! Glad he likes bagels. Joey tends to take a bite of a cracker or whatever and proceeds to throw the rest on the floor. We don't have a dog but some days I sure wish we did!

Anonymous said...

How cute! That bagel looks yummy. (My dog would LOVE to come over!) :D

Momstart said...

awe, very cute

Sara said...

Oh, if he isn't the sweetest little guy ever, I don't know who is?! SOO CUTE!