Friday, October 3, 2008

I dare you!

Get It Down; 31 for 21

My son Ralph is amazing and Down Syndrome is just another part of who he is. As a result, I've developed a rather large soft spot for children with DS. It is sad that 90% of babies diagnosed pre-natally with DS are aborted. But did you know that that babies born with DS are routinely abandoned and institutionalized in many counties around the world? There is no future for these children, unless...

There is an organization that is committed to changing hearts and minds about people with Down Syndrome around the world. It starts with proving the beauty and worth of babies and children with DS through international adoption. It continues with developing special education and parental support opportunities around the world. If services and support are available, parents won't feel compelled to give up their disabled children.

RR 31 for 21

In honor of Down syndrome awareness month in October, this organization, Reece's Rainbow, along with many in the blogging community commit to post once each day about Down syndrome awareness. Reece's Rainbow with be posting a DIFFERENT AVAILABLE CHILD each day this month for 31 days! That's 31 different children that will be here for you to see, pray for, and share!

Click on the button above to see all the beautiful children featured this month. I dare you!