Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Old Friends

Last year at a local DS Society meeting a woman came up said, "Stephanie?" Yes! It turns out that we went to school and graduated together 20 years ago in a little town 3 hours away from here. I guess I haven't changed much because she recognized me right away. Her little boy is 4 months younger than Ralph and is a cute little butterball!

My friend and her husband and 2 little boys came to town this weekend for the Buddy Walk. We were privileged that they joined up for church this morning. They even took our larger than average family out for lunch! The two babies sat side by side in their high chairs and studied one another. So cute!

So, is it a coincidence that this girl I went to school with has a baby with DS about the same age as Ralph? Is it a coincidence that we bumped into one another? I don't believe in coincidence! We were meant to have babies with DS. We were meant to be friends. Life is really rich!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I think meant to be also!! It just sounds like you have had a great week!! :)