Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pondering rainbows...really boring.

Richard has strict instructions to never let me leave the house without a camera. Of course, the only time I see anything extraordinary is when I don't have a camera on me! He said I could get a cell phone with a camera. Funny kid...I gave up carrying a cell phone about 6 months ago and I'm sure I'm a huge embarrassment to him!

So, tonight while I was driving my son up to Tabor College I saw the most incredible rainbow. I'm not old, but I've seen a few rainbows in my day! NEVER have I seen such a rainbow. It was short and fat and blindingly bright! I don't have the words to explain how bright and vivid this rainbow was. This photo is similar to what I saw. Isn't it bright?

As we were driving, we could see the spot on the ground where the rainbow ended. Sometimes we could look through it and see the trees and fields. And then a moment later the rainbow was obviously behind the trees instead of in front. THEN another rainbow appeared, a pale imitation of the first one, but still bright enough for me to notice that the colors are reversed! Have you ever noticed this?

Sorry if this is a little geeky...I'm kind of a science girl! So I've been researching the scientific explanations of double rainbows tonight - after baking cookies for Jordan's class! I've also been thinking about the first rainbow and God's promises. Oh, I almost forgot that I listened to Chip Ingram on the way home. He was talking about how we used to BE darkness and now we ARE light. And, I'm thinking about Reece's Rainbow, too. I'm just pondering these things tonight.