Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm leaving in four days! Wow!

I'm terrible at preparing for a trip. I would like to be one of those people who makes lists and packs things up ahead of time. I shouldn't be so hard on myself...I don't have everything I need to pack yet!

I still need to assemble a traveling wardrobe for Maxim. Yikes! I have his measurements but I can't really remember how big he feels...every piece of clothing I pick up looks "wrong." So I thought I would measure Theo and compare. Max is about the same height, same arm length, but significantly bigger around the chest and tummy.

The tummy. It's my greatest concern, clothing-wise and health-wise. I'm really reluctant to spend $25 on a coat for him only to find I can't zip it up over his big belly. I have to show up with a coat, tho', or they won't let us out the door!

 So, I have these planning issues looming. So what do I do? I obsess over a huge ink spot in the carpet. I need something to obsess over to help me avoid planning and packing, right?

I'll be cleaning the carpets if you need me...