Thursday, January 17, 2013

When can he come home?

So, when can Maxim come home?

I'm asked this all the time, so here is how it works in Ukraine:

After passing court, being awarded the adoption by a judge, there is a 10 day waiting period. This waiting period applies to all civil matters and is not normally waived, except in certain cities and for a fee...I don't want to get into that! Our court was on the 15th, so the waiting period is over on the 25th.

On the 25th, a stinking Friday, I'll be able to pick up the decree of the court naming me as Maxim's mother. This will be the official date of his adoption. Once I have this decree, actually several official copies, each one tied and glued with red thread, in my hands, I will be able to apply for Maxim's new birth certificate. This must be done in his birth city. This a an all day drive from here. I will likely not get to apply for the new birth certificate, replacing his birth mother's name with mine, until Monday. *sigh*

With a new birth certificate in hand I can travel back to Krivoy Rog (another full day of driving) to apply for Maxim's passport. This has taken five business days for others here...more if bad weather affects transportation. You see the application is done here in the region and the passport is made in Kiev and sent back down here. Bad weather can cost time. See how the little delays add up?

With a passport in my possession, I can take custody of Maxim and travel to Kiev, probably around February 4th if all goes well. He will have an immigration physical and a visa appointment with the US Consulate. Then we can fly home. Can't wait!


Jill said...

Yes, delays certainly do add up! Well, I guess the good news is you can spend the weekend in Crimea. Hoepfully it will be a bit warmer down there and you'll have more time to visit friends too. :-)