Monday, January 28, 2013

The Toll

I'm feeling like an old dish sponge...I've been wrung out a few too many times.

I didn't get Maxim's new birth certificate today. The office was closed. But, in communicating with this office on Saturday, an error, or omission, was found in the court decree. This had to be fixed.

But the court is in Krivoy Rog...and I am in Crimea...

The fixed papers had to be sent to me by bus today. I had to go to the bus terminal, find the correct bus and request the papers. Easy.

The driver wanted a receipt from me. Acted like he didn't know anything. He ignored me. This bus was only stopped for a few minutes and then heading on to another city. I was NOT going to let this bus get away. I made a few calls, no answer. Finally, I called a Ukrainian friend and handed the phone to the driver. I was about to strangle him...block him from closing the door...anything to get what I came for.

Ah...finally he found the envelope WITH MY NAME ON IT...good grief. Funny, I forgot that I had a little package of chocolate for him in my purse. I came very close to causing an ugly incident.

Later on this evening I got a message that my awesome babysitter is REALLY sick. Not good...what can I do from here? I messaged a few friends to see if anyone could help. Mom came to take sweet Sarah to the doctor and that is all that I know at this point.

Please pray. We all feel like we are under attack. There is no way out, only forward. I've been so blessed on one hand and opposed on the other. It's starting to take a toll on everyone...and I'm not really that close to being done.


Jill said...

Good grief...I was wondering what the papers were about. are right - no where to go but forward. One document at a time, one step, one day at a WILL get there! All of you will.

(Hope you ate that chocolate yourself! LOL)

patty said...

Praying for you, Stephanie, and Sarah and the rest of your family. I admire your bravery in managing this process on your own. I can't wait to see you and Maxim on your way home. May God bless you.

Sodak Girl said...

What a journey...
Prayers going up for you and the whole "Crew." I'm so glad you got the papers you needed!

Where do things stand now? This is Thursday...