Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simferopol Sunday

This trip has completed many circles it seems. I find myself in Simferopol this morning, worshiping with the same group of people that I met and fell in love with two years ago. Only God could have orchestrated this as I am adopting a child from a completely different region of this country.

We are all older, some are taller, some are wiser...some have gone home to The Lord. I'm just feeling very sentimental about the whole experience. Just now a taxi driver dropped off a group of orphans at the church and refused to accept payment. It's enough to bring me to tears.

Why am I in Simferopol? I needed to be in Sevastopol first thing Monday morning to get Maxim's new birth certificate. It is a seven hour drive from Krivoy Rog, so I took the train here on Friday night. It is more convenient for my facilitator to pick me up here than it would be for her to drive to K.R. It is just a relatively short drive to Sevastopol from here. And I have these dear friends. It just worked out this way.

Since I am among friends, it made the news I received this morning a little easier to swallow. I will NOT be getting a new birth certificate tomorrow. The office is closed on Monday. It will be Tuesday morning. Sigh.

Here I am. I will do my best to bloom where I am planted. I have some ideas about what to do tomorrow...more later.


Jill said...

AWESOME!!! I'm trying not to be too jealous. LOL Judy looks great (as you do!) and the lovely church looks the same too, although it was a bit more festive when I was there. :-) And is that Andriy (sp?) that had eye surgery??? If so, he has gotten SOO tall! I pray he is doing well.

But I do know what you mean about full circle though. That's why I keep telling Pat we need to adopt from KR. That would complete the circle for us in a way, plus Sarah would NOT be left behind for that trip! :-)

Jolene said...

I loved this post and the familiar faces in it! :-)