Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Down...

One week down...more than two weeks to go. I'm fighting the urge to feel sorry for myself and become inpatient.

When I get this way, I think of how long Maxim waited for me...and how the other children sit...and rock...and wait...and wait...

There is no comparison. My life is easy and blessed. Their lives are marked by continual rejection and the brutal nothingness of orphanage life. So I will wait. And I will thank The Lord. I will continue to share these precious children with you in the hopes that their stories their faces will pierce your heart and you will be moved to action.

In my waiting, I have been blessed. Blessed to serve and blessed to receive hospitality. Tonight I was treated to some sightseeing by a new friend. Her husband drove her all the way across town, and that is a long, long way here, to pick me up and show me the center of the city. We walked in the park, visited an art museum, had a bite to eat and shopped a souvenir shop. I shared photos and stories of my family. She gave me some history lessons and encouragement and praise. Good times!

Here are some photos from this afternoon. Sarah, the crochet art photo is just for you!

Evgeniy and Alexandra, love forever! (or something like that)

Chess club! With life sized board.


Jill said...

Very fun! Love the art! :-)