Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Afternoon at the Airport

It is just another Sunday afternoon sitting at the airport. Just had a Great American Bagel. I'm charging my phone and iPad for the last time for the next two days.

I had an interesting time getting checked in. One bag was 65 pounds. I could have paid $400 for that, or repack and redistribute my stuff. I got it down to 51 and the agent let me slide. I was very sorry to have to leave a few precious items behind.

The agent also had a problem with my one-way ticket. He wasn't sure if he could let me fly or if he just needed to give me a warning that the country to which I'm headed may not admit me. He ended up calling an immigration hotline to find the answer...warning. Ok, so I'm warned.

I know that there are some items that I have forgotten to pack, but God willing, I have all the necessary paperwork completed to bring Maxim home with me in a few weeks. It's almost like completing a while new dossier, only with less guidance. The documents are a bit trickier if both parents are not present at the US consulate for the visa appointment.

Packing and document preparation has consumed the last few days of my life, but I cannot forget to mention that Zhen had a birthday!! We had his party last night after Sarah arrived from the airport. He was so funny with his cake and candles! He made the sound of blowing, but without the actual air coming out. Some trick, huh? Ralph and daddy helped him blow out the candles.

He was NOT interested in opening his present after that. He had ice cream and cake on his mind!! So now I have two six year olds until April when I'll have three. Fun times!

The next time you hear from me, I may have a brand new, bouncing 8 year old as well.


The McCarty Family said...

Godspeed! Happy 6th birthday to Zhen! Glad you were able to be home to celebrate!


Leah S. said...

Have a safe trip!!! I always pray that last charge lasts me extra long. LOL

Jill said...

Praying your trip is uneventful AND for a SUCCESSFUL court decision! Can't wait to hear!