Saturday, January 19, 2013

Foot Problems Today

No Visits with Maxim today. :(

I'm nursing a mammoth blood blister on my foot. I don't even want to put on my boots. These boots were fine last time I was here and I did just as much walking then. The blister has gone down a bit from last night so I think I'll be good to go tomorrow. I'll bandage up and head out anyway. I prefer to be more a more disciplined visitor for the sake of my son.

Yesterday was busy and fun. I did two long visits with Maxim. Even though we are still stuck in the hallway outside his grouppa, they added an exam table for us to sit on now! Maxim is warming up to his masked momma, getting a bit more comfortable. I was able to ask the carers some questions last night. I asked if Maxim has a special friend or just another child in the grouppa that he likes to hang out with or play with. Their answer was, "no...his friend is the ball." So there you have it, he prefers to play with balls and doesn't care about other children. We have some real work to do, don't we?

I also visited an orphanage for disabled youngsters, ages 3-7. It was a NICE place. Fancy furniture, fancy toys, well kept. I was told that most of these kids have "parents." In fact, many of the kids were ready to go home for the weekend. Ukraine. One sweet blind girl sniffed me thoroughly when I met her. It is how she distinguishes different people. I know that I smelled like Maxim at that point, I'm wondering if she could tell the difference between him and I if we were to visit her together?!

Later on in the evening, I had a full language immersion experience at a home Bible study. After sharing, praying and studying (I was completely lost most of the time) I learned a new way to play UNO and also learned how to play Dutch Blitz. It was a really fun group of young adults and I had a great time.

While on my way to the bus stop yesterday, I met this woman, Neenah, who claimed to have been robbed. She was standing on the sidewalk praying to God to send her someone to help her. She needed a couple of dollars for bus fare just to get to her home in another village. I only had big bills, so I gave her the equivalent of $6. We both praised God right then and there on the sidewalk!! Pray for Neenah if you think of it. Life is rough here.

It was supposed to be a photo, but my friend had it set it video. Oh well...


Jill said...

Sorry to hear about your big blister! :-( Hope it goes away very soon.

Sounds like you are having fun being "in" the culture. Cool! So much more exciting than the way we spent our time in Kramatorsk sitting in our apt. Praying Maxim continues to warm up to you.