Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting closer...

I'm comfortable sharing freely about our adoption of Maxim. In fact, if there are any questions you have, or something I skipped over, leave me a comment. It would be fun to answer questions!

As free as I am, there are some really cool specifics that I just can't share quite yet. I'll be very relieved when I don't have to think so hard about what is safe and beneficial to share and what is not. I'd prefer to just let it all hang out!

I did a little shopping for Max today. I found a really nice coat on clearance at J.C. Penny, when everything at Walmart was MUCH more expensive. I also got some cute jammies and a new outfit for him there. I'm going to grab a few other pants and shirts from Theo's drawer and call it good.

I was able to chat with our pediatrician today about how to handle Max's health issues for the 4-5 days he'll be with me before we get home. I went out and bought the supplies that she recommended. More about that after court.

I'm getting closer to feeling prepared for this trip. I have an IEP in ten minutes and another one in the morning. After those are done, I'll be in a much better frame of mind.

Maxim, I'll be back soon!!


Carissa said...

I have a question!!! What does Max need?! Clothes, shoes, toys? I'll bring him up a goody when we come up next time!

vicky said...

I cannot wait to see how he will Blossom in your care!

Sarah said...

No questions, just a note to tell you I'm praying, specifically for your heart leaving your babies again and for Maxim's heart as he learns you are his mama!

Jill said...

You ARE getting close! Glad you were able to get some clothes/coat for him.

I don't have too many questions, but you may want to tell folks how his name is pronounced in Russian. I think it just sounds way cooler than it would w/ the English pronunciation. LOL Maybe what challenges (behavior, health, etc) you already see in adopting an older child.

Can't wait to see you holding that sweet boy again!

Jolene said...

So excited for you, Stephanie, and the reality that you will soon have little Maxim home with you! Been following your adoption process and keeping you in prayers, my friend. I have read every post, just haven't commented since I stay up after my bed-time just to stay up with the reading/praying part!